Since 1985, Promisur Industries has covered the health and maintenance industries with one of the broadest selections of products on the market, capable of meeting the needs of any type of application.

The combination of a wealth of experience, our know-how and the revolutionary vision of Pedro Ochoa Batista at the executive helm of the firm has made us the brand of reference in the industrial chemical market, backed by widely recognized brand prestige both domestically and internationally. Indeed, Promisur Industries serves the needs of customers on all five continents. However, we shall not limit ourselves to manufacturing and distributing products; our level of commitment leads us to take the extra step of implementing internal management policies and practices in service of our customers and partners, offering them 24 hour support, personalized attention, and continuous training and development. The drive to innovate that characterizes Promisur Industries since its founding has led us to invest heavily in research and development and in continuous product improvement, a commitment only matched by our unwavering desire to be better every day at what we do.


Promisur Industries employs a Quality Management system that entails all of its processes and activities, from product design, through manufacturing and packaging, to sales and distribution.

In the service of the automotive, hospitality, construction, painting and remodeling, water treatment and general industries… the unflinching commitment of Promisur Industries to work done right has led to the recognition of our efforts in the form of the 2008 granting of standard quality certification in accordance with ISO 9001 norms, as certified by the SGS group, an independent and internationally accredited body. Moreover, while ever dedicated to maintaining an integrated focus on quality, Promisur Industries has consistently paid special attention to the care and preservation of the environment, implementing a sound environmental protection policy that is continuously updated to comply with current norms, and which acts to minimize the environmental impact of its manufacturing activities and so allow for sustainable development. Similarly, in consonance with its ongoing development of best practices in the area of occupational health and safety, Promisur Industries seeks to embed its protocols for professional safety and hygiene into the uses and practices for occupational safety employed by any client enterprise.